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Posted by Brenda Isaac on Sep 16, 2015 9:59:13 AM

If you are lucky enough to get out into the world and travel you know there is an art to traveling well. And, by well I don’t mean first class seats and luxury accommodations, although those certainly do qualify. What I mean is traveling smart. Having the items you need, when you need them, to make your travel experience smooth and minimize common frustrations. By now, we all have the requisite travel apps, digital boarding passes and, airline loyalty programs figured out. As a frequent traveler, I know where the best restaurants are in nearly every airport in the continental United States, know every trick in the rental car book, and most of the time even remember to wear slip-on shoes. But what’s the next frontier? To me, as a gadget girl, I’m always looking for the next problem-solving product to make the most of my travel experiences. Well, thankfully, working at Nite Ize provides me with more problem-solving, time-saving, headache-reducing products than I can reasonably use on any given business trip or vacation. Here are a few of my favorites:

BetterBands are one of our newer products, but I’ve already found some really great travel applications for these versatile, adjustable rubber bands. My new favorite use is keeping my purse from falling off, or sliding around the handle of my roller bag when cruising through the terminal.

Betterband for luggage

The Steelie Pedestal Kit for Smartphones is another great way to keep your mobile phone handy on the tray table in-flight. I’m always catching up on email, watching a movie, or listening to music during my flight and being able to view my screen easily is a “nice to have” on any flight. Plus, it keeps my phone off those nasty, germ ridden tray tables!

Steelie Pedestal Kit for Smartphones

The beauty of the Steelie Ecosystem of products is that the magnetic phone socket on the back of my case not only works with the Pedestal Kit during my flight, but easily attaches to the Steelie Vent Mount Clip in my rental car. This removable vent clip fits in any rental car to keep my phone accessible and easy to view for my navigation apps. This is seriously one of the best travel items I’ve ever used.

 Steelie Vent Mount Clip

One of the biggest challenges that travelers face is the need to recharge on the go. My phone never makes it a full travel day on a single battery charge, so I have an external battery that I carry in my purse for emergency charging in airports or on flights. My frustration comes when I have to pull out my 6’ charge cord to connect my device and battery. The PowerKey takes that frustration away. Not only does this handy 3” cord attach easily to my key chain, it’s just the right size for charging/syncing without the need for my full length cord. Headache, gone.


And, finally – no trip would be complete without a few S-Biners. I keep these handy double-gated carabiner clips attached to my backpack, keys, and roller bag. It seems like I always end up clipping my water bottle to my bag, my car rental key to my personal key chain, or my laptop bag to my roller. The S-Biner is just like having another hand while getting from point A to point B on any travel adventure.


Even as I write this post, I can think of at least a half-dozen other products that I use on the road, but these are few of my current favorites. I’m sure you have your favorites too. I’d love to hear about your favorite travel tips or which Nite Ize product makes your life easier on the road, so comment below to share your experience.


Over the past 30 years, Nite Ize has grown from a cabin-based startup to distributing 500+ products worldwide. We pride ourselves in being fun and functional, trusted and innovative, and obsessively dedicated to making products that are not only guaranteed for life, but guaranteed to improve your life.

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