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Posted by Brenda Isaac on Dec 16, 2015 3:44:14 PM

MMP_US_Open_of_CX_283.jpgMy experiences at Nite Ize over the years have taught me many things, but speaking to the people that actually use and support our products is one of the reasons I love working at Nite Ize. In many ways, they've sold me on our products - over and over again. Just when I think that I've heard every crazy story or unusual use for a Gear Tie, someone stops me at a show or sends us an e-mail that makes me pause, shake my head and say "why didn't I think of that?", or "what an amazing story!" We've had customers whose lives have been saved by our INOVA LED Flashlights, wheelchair users who swear by our SpokeLit LED Wheel Lights to help keep them be seen and safe when out at night, and plenty of lucky pups who have found themselves in the middle of the road wearing our PetLit LED Collar Light helping drivers see them just in time. The list is long, and its inspiring, quirky, creative, and downright amazing. At Nite Ize we say "Discover Your Solution", and people take that to heart.

These loyal Nite Ize fans, and their stories, are the reason I'm so excited to announce our 2016 Nite Ize Ambassador Program. A lot of companies who have ambassadors or sponsored athletes tend to focus on big names with fancy agents. I love big name athletes as much as the next person, but also believe in supporting ambassadors who feel true inspiration and passion towards Nite Ize products, in whatever community they belong. You don't have to be an Olympic athlete or make a million dollars a year to spread the word about how Nite Ize products make your hobby, sport or passion easier, safer, or more fun.

We've got some great ambassadors lined up for 2016 already, but are looking for more. Please visit our ambassador page to learn more about our current partners, and about the application process. It's a pretty simple relationship - you promote the Nite Ize products you use and love on your social media accounts, events, or blogs and we load you up with free products and support from the Nite Ize family.

Whatever your passion, if you feel passionate about Nite Ize, we want to talk to you.



Over the past 30 years, Nite Ize has grown from a cabin-based startup to distributing 500+ products worldwide. We pride ourselves in being fun and functional, trusted and innovative, and obsessively dedicated to making products that are not only guaranteed for life, but guaranteed to improve your life.

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