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AccessorIZE: For The Love Of EDC

Posted by Brenda Isaac on Feb 10, 2021 10:06:32 AM

Accessorize: For the Love of EDC

“An accessory is only as useful as it is conveniently accessible.”

- Rick Case, Nite Ize Founder + CEO

This idea was the foundation of our company’s inception, and a motto that continues to guide our way as we launch dozens of new products each year. From the beginning, we’ve always created products that help you keep your gear where you need it, when you need it, and how you want to use it. So, it was only natural that the Everyday Carry community would find us, and we would be inspired by their love for our gear. It’s a beautiful relationship that keeps driving us to make new products that they’ll love.

What is Everyday Carry, or EDC? It’s the collection of items that you carry with you every day, either on your keys, in your pockets, or in your bag or purse. They’re the items you can’t live without as you move through your day. Enthusiasts love to take pictures of their own unique EDC set-up and share them online. A quick #EDC search on Instagram yields thousands of carefully crafted images, calling out brands and products that people rely on to get through their day. And, every time we spot an S-Biner, an INKA Pen, an INOVA flashlight, DoohicKey Key Tool, or one of our many other key accessories, it feels pretty good to know that we’re a part of someone’s trusted daily essentials kit.

The king of EDC at the Nite Ize office is most certainly our CEO & Founder, Rick Case. He’s truly an EDC inspiration, and proof that he embodies the idea of convenient accessibility. I’m dead serious when I say that he carries this keychain with him every day:

Rick Case Keychain

Sometimes, there’s even more attached to it than today. I often see him clipping his gloves, a headlamp, or one of our Runoff Waterproof Bags to it as he’s walking through the building. It’s the size of a small melon, and weighs about that much too!  So, I had to do the traditional laydown photo to show what’s in Rick’s EDC:

Rick Case EDC

A grand total of 37 items – and that’s just the Nite Ize products!

So, if you’re looking to add to your own EDC Kit, check out our full collection of products here, and visit our friends at to learn more about this community of enthusiasts. We’re positive you’ll find a new addition to your EDC kit that you’ll absolutely love. Nite Ize is celebrating 32 years in business this month, and with a Worry-Free Guarantee on every product we make, you know that we aren’t afraid of a long term relationship! You can also find an assortment of our EDC gear at many hardware stores or outdoor retailers, so you still have time to pick up an S-Biner for that special someone before Valentine's Day.

What’s in your EDC? Let us know in the comments below, or tag #NiteIze on Instagram. We’re giving away SurprIZE packages to the best Nite Ize EDC during the month of February! And be sure to check out February's AccessorIZE collection – a curated array of some of our favorite gear for everyday carry.

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Nite Ize Celebrates 30 Years

Posted by Brenda Isaac on Feb 21, 2019 12:24:15 PM

By Brenda Isaac, Vice President of Marketing

This February, Nite Ize celebrates our 30th year in business. I know, I know. Why should you care? We’re just some random company looking for an excuse to have a few happy hours and pat ourselves on the back, right? While we certainly do love a good happy hour, that’s not why I think you should care. The success of Nite Ize, and in particular our founder and CEO, Rick Case, truly exemplifies the American Dream. From his “lightbulb moment” and the decision to start his own company in 1989 up to this year’s milestone anniversary, he has demonstrated incredible persistence and passion to develop innovative products, and the desire to create genuine relationships with our retailers and customers. He is a driven and passionate leader who genuinely loves what he does, and everyone at Nite Ize feels that every day. It’s what drives our desire to succeed. 

Rick Case - CEP & Founder 2000

 Rick Case, CEO & Founder (2000)

I’m proud to have been a part of the Nite Ize team for 17 years. When I joined, I was a young marketer looking to get my foot in the door. I realize now that in many ways I was growing up at the same time that Nite Ize grew up. Together we would see our team grow from 25 employees to over 250. We would move from a small, rundown warehouse in East Boulder into two beautiful buildings spanning over 200,000 square feet in Boulder County. We would grow from a product line of just 25 products to a line that includes over 600 products – and counting. 

2005 Nite Ize Staff

 Nite Ize Company Photo (2005)


 Nite Ize Compay Photo (2019)

Nite Ize Logo 2019What’s next for Nite Ize? I’m excited to announce a new chapter in our evolution as a company and brand. We are officially launching our new logo and brand look in 2019.


We’ve also created a new campaign that will introduce Nite Ize to millions of new customers and let them know that we are “Life’s Adventure Kit”. Whether your adventure is camping, remodeling your kitchen, or taking your dog to the park, Nite Ize products make life simpler, safer, and more fun.

Visit our Life's Adventure Kit page to learn more.


We want to focus on building our brand, creating lasting connections with our community of customers, and developing products that tap into the unlimited power of invention and discovery.

So, raise a glass of your favorite Boulder microbrew and let’s share a toast to Rick Case, Nite Ize, and a dream that continues to come true. Believe me, we’re just getting warmed up.

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Be a Nite Ize Brand Ambassador

Posted by Brenda Isaac on Dec 16, 2015 3:44:14 PM

MMP_US_Open_of_CX_283.jpgMy experiences at Nite Ize over the years have taught me many things, but speaking to the people that actually use and support our products is one of the reasons I love working at Nite Ize. In many ways, they've sold me on our products - over and over again. Just when I think that I've heard every crazy story or unusual use for a Gear Tie, someone stops me at a show or sends us an e-mail that makes me pause, shake my head and say "why didn't I think of that?", or "what an amazing story!" We've had customers whose lives have been saved by our INOVA LED Flashlights, wheelchair users who swear by our SpokeLit LED Wheel Lights to help keep them be seen and safe when out at night, and plenty of lucky pups who have found themselves in the middle of the road wearing our PetLit LED Collar Light helping drivers see them just in time. The list is long, and its inspiring, quirky, creative, and downright amazing. At Nite Ize we say "Discover Your Solution", and people take that to heart.

These loyal Nite Ize fans, and their stories, are the reason I'm so excited to announce our 2016 Nite Ize Ambassador Program. A lot of companies who have ambassadors or sponsored athletes tend to focus on big names with fancy agents. I love big name athletes as much as the next person, but also believe in supporting ambassadors who feel true inspiration and passion towards Nite Ize products, in whatever community they belong. You don't have to be an Olympic athlete or make a million dollars a year to spread the word about how Nite Ize products make your hobby, sport or passion easier, safer, or more fun.

We've got some great ambassadors lined up for 2016 already, but are looking for more. Please visit our ambassador page to learn more about our current partners, and about the application process. It's a pretty simple relationship - you promote the Nite Ize products you use and love on your social media accounts, events, or blogs and we load you up with free products and support from the Nite Ize family.

Whatever your passion, if you feel passionate about Nite Ize, we want to talk to you.


Traveling With Nite Ize

Posted by Brenda Isaac on Sep 16, 2015 9:59:13 AM

If you are lucky enough to get out into the world and travel you know there is an art to traveling well. And, by well I don’t mean first class seats and luxury accommodations, although those certainly do qualify. What I mean is traveling smart. Having the items you need, when you need them, to make your travel experience smooth and minimize common frustrations. By now, we all have the requisite travel apps, digital boarding passes and, airline loyalty programs figured out. As a frequent traveler, I know where the best restaurants are in nearly every airport in the continental United States, know every trick in the rental car book, and most of the time even remember to wear slip-on shoes. But what’s the next frontier? To me, as a gadget girl, I’m always looking for the next problem-solving product to make the most of my travel experiences. Well, thankfully, working at Nite Ize provides me with more problem-solving, time-saving, headache-reducing products than I can reasonably use on any given business trip or vacation. Here are a few of my favorites:

BetterBands are one of our newer products, but I’ve already found some really great travel applications for these versatile, adjustable rubber bands. My new favorite use is keeping my purse from falling off, or sliding around the handle of my roller bag when cruising through the terminal.

Betterband for luggage

The Steelie Pedestal Kit for Smartphones is another great way to keep your mobile phone handy on the tray table in-flight. I’m always catching up on email, watching a movie, or listening to music during my flight and being able to view my screen easily is a “nice to have” on any flight. Plus, it keeps my phone off those nasty, germ ridden tray tables!

Steelie Pedestal Kit for Smartphones

The beauty of the Steelie Ecosystem of products is that the magnetic phone socket on the back of my case not only works with the Pedestal Kit during my flight, but easily attaches to the Steelie Vent Mount Clip in my rental car. This removable vent clip fits in any rental car to keep my phone accessible and easy to view for my navigation apps. This is seriously one of the best travel items I’ve ever used.

 Steelie Vent Mount Clip

One of the biggest challenges that travelers face is the need to recharge on the go. My phone never makes it a full travel day on a single battery charge, so I have an external battery that I carry in my purse for emergency charging in airports or on flights. My frustration comes when I have to pull out my 6’ charge cord to connect my device and battery. The PowerKey takes that frustration away. Not only does this handy 3” cord attach easily to my key chain, it’s just the right size for charging/syncing without the need for my full length cord. Headache, gone.


And, finally – no trip would be complete without a few S-Biners. I keep these handy double-gated carabiner clips attached to my backpack, keys, and roller bag. It seems like I always end up clipping my water bottle to my bag, my car rental key to my personal key chain, or my laptop bag to my roller. The S-Biner is just like having another hand while getting from point A to point B on any travel adventure.


Even as I write this post, I can think of at least a half-dozen other products that I use on the road, but these are few of my current favorites. I’m sure you have your favorites too. I’d love to hear about your favorite travel tips or which Nite Ize product makes your life easier on the road, so comment below to share your experience.

A Mobile Device Accessory For Thanksgiving?

Posted by Brenda Isaac on Nov 23, 2013 8:30:00 PM

The Thanksgiving countdown is officially on! I can't wait to dig into that juicy turkey and then lie comatose on the couch watching football for the rest of the day. I have to admit that I was challenged by a co-worker to somehow relate Nite Ize products to Thanksgiving for this week's blog posting. Their knowing smile as they walked away from my office told me they were certain that I would find no meaningful connection. But, I've found my connection and it isn't even that much of a stretch - compared to my waistline after dinner that day anyways! Here are a few fantastic Nite Ize products to make this big Thanksgiving holiday more manageable and maybe even just a bit more fun!

Steelie Pedestal - Mobile Device Holder

1) Unless you serve your family Thanksgiving-like dinners throughout the year (um... no) you are going to need some recipes to get you to the dinner table. The Steelie Pedestal Kit is a mobile device accessory that is perfect for attaching to the back of your ipad or other tablet. Just place this universal holder on your countertop at exactly the perfect angle to view your recipe apps while slaving away at the stove. Your friends and family will be impressed by your organization and you will be grateful for the ability to keep your day organized with your ipad while keeping it positioned exactly where you need it with the Steelie Pedestal Kit.

Gear Tie - Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

2) Do you serve wine or sparkling cider with your appetizers or dinner? Everyone has a set of wine charms that they dust off around the holidays, but I think the 3’ Gear Tie is perfect for marking wine glasses! Bonus: they are so versatile that you will use them for wrapping the cord on the stand mixer or twist tying up those leftover bags you send home with your guests. Buy a few extra, trust me.

Flashflight - LED Light Up Disc

3) So, what do you do when dinner is done? Most people I know carefully excuse themselves from the kitchen to avoid doing dishes and then promptly pass out in a chair somewhere. But, have you noticed this NEVER seems to happen with the kids? Keep the little ones entertained and out of the kitchen by passing out a few Nite Ize LED Toys & Games after you are done eating. Send them outside to play a game of Flashflight or toss the MeteorLight LED Ball around the backyard with the dog. This tactic is tried & true at my house and is a guaranteed winner at your Thanksgiving too!

However you choose to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, please remember – if you get your cousin Terry’s cold from accidently drinking from his glass of cabernet, it isn’t my fault. I reminded you about the wine charms. Happy Thanksgiving from Nite Ize!

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Emergency Preparedness Month

Posted by Brenda Isaac on Sep 24, 2013 10:07:00 PM

Nite Ize Office Flooding

When we originally planned to start the Nite Ize Blog our first article was going to tie into Emergency Preparedness Month which falls each year in September. I wrote a very informative article about packing your "Go Bag" and having a family plan for unexpected emergencies, but at no point did I think I should actually implement this plan personally. It was for someone else. Some poor family in another part of the country that gets hit with strong hurricanes, someone who lives in the middle of the tinder dry mountains who might have to worry about a wildfire, or a family who lives near a fault line who may have to deal with an earthquake. That was last Wednesday. On Thursday my smug, non-emergency having world came crashing down around me.

As the rain gauge filled up for the 3rd time (over 15" of rain) in as many days, and the Colorado front range canyons and communities experienced what the news media have labeled "biblical flooding", it dawned on me that my family didn't have a plan. Not only didn't we have a plan, we were staring straight at an ocean of contaminated water, potential evacuation and road closures, loss of power/water/sewer, limited emergency services, and the words "self-rescue” hanging in the air. It was terrifying. With almost 12,000 people currently evacuated from their homes and thousands of helicopter rescues from mountain communities cut off due to washed out roads, I've heard dozens of stories from friends and strangers recounting the harrowing tales of escape and rescue. The one thing I keep hearing over and over again is "we had no time". No time to pack a "Go Bag", no time to gather important documents & medications, no time to lovingly pack cherished keepsakes, no time to do anything except leave with the clothes on their back and their lives. This is how emergencies happen, and sooner or later chances are that an emergency will happen to you. Basic family preparedness is something you owe yourself and your family.

The government has a great website that provides communication tips and a Family Emergency Plan document for you to fill out as a family. I highly recommend visiting their site: to learn more.

You can also click here to see a list of items from Nite Ize that you could include in your "Go Bag". A helpful tip: Always choose a flashlight that uses L123 batteries. They have a 10 year shelf life and won't go bad and leak all over your flashlight if you don't use it very often. As I was clutching my INOVA T4R Rechargeable LED Flashlight in the dark last weekend, I was grateful for that piece of safety & security. A week later, my family has an emergency plan, a "Go Bag” and a sense of humility and gratitude having been spared the worst of the storm's damage. I know that next time we'll do better. Please, spend the time right now during Emergency Preparedness Month to make a plan for your family.

Emergencies can happen fast and without warning. Sooner or later, chances are that an emergency will happen to you. Basic family preparedness is something you owe yourself and your family. Our Emergency Preparedness Collection can help make your "Go Bag" even more useful in your time of need.

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