A Holiday Conversation Survival Guide (For Gear Nerds)

Posted by Emily Sturges & Cassie Ryan on Dec 19, 2019 9:50:33 AM

Holiday Conversation Survival Guide

There's nothing like a good family gathering around the holidays, right? The ham is baking, the children are playing, the wine is flowing, the fire is roaring, and your Aunt Maude is busy asking everyone's opinion on current events. So fun! It's easy for conversations with family members (who you may only see once a year) to quickly become tense, awkward, or otherwise less than pleasant. Sometimes it's just best to avoid those sensitive subjects altogether – but that's not entirely up to you, is it? While we can’t join you at your family Holiday Table, we have a few suggestions to help steer the conversation in a more amicable direction. Like how much you love your gear!


When your Aunt asks  “Are You as good of a cook as your mother?”

You can say: Impossible. But I do FaceTime her while cooking to get tips, using my handy dandy Steelie  Pedestal!





When someone tries to bring up Politics...

You can say: Everything's a mess, isn't it? Speaking of messes, has anyone used a Nite Ize Gear Tie to keep things organized?





When your grandpa says, “Businesses don't care about their customers anymore.”

You can say: Not good ole Nite Ize! They have a worry-free guarantee on all products. Plus, their customer service reps are amazing.





When your sister says, “How many drinks have you had?"

You can say: Not sure at this point, but my SlapLit Drink Wrap keeps them cold and easy to find.






When your mom says "Are you really having another slice of pie?"

You can say: Don't worry, I'll be sure to work it off on my morning run tomorrow with my Nite Ize Headlamp!





When your brother AsKs, “Are you still a terrible driver?”

You can say: At least I’m not always looking down at my phone like some people, thanks to my trusty Steelie Orbiter.





When your niece says, “Who is your favorite character in Frozen?”

You can say: Kristoff, I love a man who can rock a holster!





When Your Dad says, “Remember when you…”

You can say: Before we RunOff into the past, have you seen these amazing waterproof bags?





When there is an awkward silence:

You can say:  Speaking of tension, I use my Dual Cam Jam Webbing Tensioner on the reg.



Happy holidays from all of us at Nite Ize, and wishing you the best of luck at your next family gathering!

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