2020 Gift Guide: Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Posted by Cassie Ryan on Nov 12, 2020 11:10:51 AM

2020 Gift Guide: Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone

We're coming in hot on the holiday season and it's time to start your annual quest for the perfect gifts for your family, friends and colleagues. No matter how well you know someone, it's common to draw a blank sometimes when you actually try to come up with the right gift. That's why we've put together a guide of our favorite Nite Ize products to give each person on your list.


Gifts for the gadget geek husband

Gift Ideas for Gadget Geeks

  • For a modern twist on the classic wallet gift, give him a Financial Tool RFID Blocking Wallet. His cards will be secure from RFID theft, and he'll have the benefit of 10 tools integrated into this sleek multi-functional accessory.


  • Is the guy in your life constantly fumbling with his phone in the car? Give him a place to dock it so he can stay connected to navigation while keeping his hands on the wheel with a Steelie Orbiter Dash Mount Kit. (You can also check out all our other Steelie magnetic phone mount options here to find just the right style for your special someone.)


  • Consider giving him a super high-quality flashlight. The INOVA T7R Flashlight is both rechargeable, with an option to use replaceable batteries for situations where he might not have power, making this 713-lumen, tactical-grade flashlight a perfect companion for around the home as well as on off-grid adventures.


  • Any tech-savvy guy is sure to have an abundance of charging cables in every shape and variety lying around. Help him keep them in line with some Gear Tie Cordables. These 6" Gear Ties have a stretchy loop at one end that attaches onto the cable, so it's always ready to wrangle.


Gifts for the outdoorsy wife

Gifts For Outdoorsy Family Members


  • It's never too early to start thinking about camping season. The Radiant Rechargeable Micro Lantern is a compact hanging light that can be set to four different colors, or be left in fun color-changing mode.


  • For optimal campsite organization, look no further than the GearLine Organization System. The included S-Biners can hang essentials from hats to headlamps, and the Gear Ties on either end allow for easy setup.



Gifts for The dad who loves to tinker

Gift Ideas For Dad

  • For the guy who loves to work on household projects, fill his stockings with Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Ties. Then, show him this blog post to give him some genius ideas on how to use them (aside from the tried-and-true cord organization).


  • A pocket knife makes a great gift, and the DoohicKey Key Chain Knife puts the everyday-carry functionality of a high quality, fold-out locking knife into a compact key-sized body.


  • If your pops is a certified hat guy, the Radiant 170 Clip Light is about to become his favorite hands-free lighting solution.



Stocking Stuffers for mom she'll actually use

Gift Ideas for Moms

  • Outfit out your mom's phone with a Hitch Phone Anchor + Tether, so she can keep it connected to her belt loop or bag to prevent drops, loss, or theft, or she can loop it around her wrist to carry it when her hands are full.


  • Help mom get a grip with the Cinch-A-Lot Stretch Strap. This helpful key accessory can cinch around water bottles, phones, hand sanitizer, gloves, charging cables and more to keep them accessible.


  • If your mom is always having to resort to the flashlight app on her phone, give her an upgrade with the Radiant 100 Keychain Flashlight. This little light packs a punch of 100 lumens (twice as bright as the standard smartphone), is lightweight, and clips conveniently onto her keychain or purse.


  • Keep her ear bud cord tangle-free with a Curvyman Cord Supervisor. This handy little guy is also outfitted with a small S-Biner, so she can clip it to her keys, clothing, or bag.


Gifts for your fitness fanatic friend or family member

Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics

  • Now that the days are shorter, your active friend or family member will likely be out running or riding after dark. Make sure they're staying visible to cars with a SlapLit Rechargeable LED Slap Wrap around their arm or ankle.


  • For bike commuters, trick out their ride with a super bright headlight. The Radiant 750 Rechargeable Bike Light can be mounted tool-free to either the bike's handlebars or a helmet. To add side visibility (which is all-too-often forgotten), throw in a SpokeLit Wheel Light with Disc-O Select. In addition to safety considerations, the color-changing mode is just fun (or they can choose their own color).


  • Give them a place to hold their phone while they ride with a HandleBand Smartphone Bar Mount. With its strong hold, the HandleBand is great even for mountain bikers.


Gifts for school-aged kids (and kids at heart)

Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

  • Make life's adventures more whimsical with the fun BugLit Rechargeable Micro Flashlight. With bendable Gear Tie "legs" that wrap to attach to various places, this creature-like little light makes a great companion for reading, camping, and more.


  • Keep fun going after dark with a Flashflight Light-Up Flying Disc. It's a great way to tear kids (and adults) away from their screens, get outside and get active.


Gifts for the too-cool teen

Unique Gifts For Teens

  • Bluetooth ear buds are sure to be a popular gift this season. The Cinch-A-Lot Mini Stretch Strap (a small version of the standard Cinch-A-Lot) makes a great companion to keep ear buds safe and easy to find – just stretch around the case, and clip the included S-Biner to keys or bags. They also work great to hold lip balms, hand sanitizers, charging cables and more.


  • The FlipOut Phone Handle + Stand will help them keep a grip on their device while scrolling social media, and prop it up hands-free when on their next YouTube binge.


Gifts for your nieces or nephews


  • The waterproof NiteGem LED Luminary is fun for all ages. They can use it for mood lighting in a fort, or make a boring bath into an instant party. (Adults are also known to put them in a cooler to light up the beverage selection.)



Gifts for friends and family who love to travel

Gift Ideas For People Who Love Travel

  • Make their packing routine a breeze with the RunOff Waterproof Large Packing Cube. It compresses down so they can maximize bag space, but also keeps water out for aquatic adventures. A RunOff Waterproof 3-1-1 Bag is perfect for jet setters, since it's a TSA-compliant liquids bag, but also keeps any liquids that might burst or leak in-flight from making a mess in their luggage.


  • For frequent flyers, give them a way to hold their mobile device so they can binge shows or read their e-books without having to constantly hold their device. The ultra-compact QuikStand folds out from just about the size of a credit card to create a handy stand for their phone or tablet.



Gifts for The (Socially Distant) Office Secret Santa Exchange

Secret Santa White Elephant Gifts

  • For your fun-loving co-worker, give them a SlapLit LED Drink Wrap to light up their beverage at night and keep it cold.



  • For a practical office gift with a twist, the INKA Key Chain Pen is a quick-use pen that converts to a full-size pen, and can write at any angle, any altitude, and at extreme temperatures – it can even write under water!


  • If your colleague's keys are in a constant state of disarray, help them organize with a BigFoot Locker KeyRack.


Gifts for the family dog

Gift Ideas for Dogs



  • For off-leash adventures, the RadDog All-In-One Collar + Leash lets your pup roam free while allowing you to quickly grab them with a 3-foot retractable lead that is integrated into the collar.


Buying the perfect holiday gifts for each of your loved ones can feel daunting at first, but we hope we've given you some helpful inspiration to start the search. For even more ideas, check out our 2020 Holiday gift collection here!

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